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T-Case & Diffs Servicd

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I've done the research and what ivd found does NOT seem to be adding up. DiscoMike and others have listed that this service requires 7 quarts of 85w-140. I have already purchased the oil and plugs.

What doesn't add up for me is the amount of oil that goes into each part. How much for the front and rear and how much goes into the t-case.

I was reading it's something like 0.65 quarts for t-case and 1.6 for the two diffs. Doesn't add up to 7 quarts. Please let me know.
Thanks again
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The '04 owner's manual specs 2.2qt for the TC and 1.8qt each for both diffs. That's 5.8 total. I purchased 6 quarts when I did the change a couple years ago and in the end I had a half quart left over.

7 quarts was probably Mike just rounding up thinking 2+2+3=7. You don't need 7.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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