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T REG FREELANDER 1.8i loosing water

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hi,im having to top up my radiator at a rate of 1litre every 50 miles.ive had a pressure and leakage test on the cylinder head gasket and they are both clear.If anyones came a cross this problem could you please let me know.
thanks andy
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Have you got heat on ur heaters when your idleing if not its possible thermostate / water pump. leave it idle for a min or 2 and see if the heat comeing out of the heaters gets any colder
Tried The Heater

Tried The Heater At Idle And It Was Fine.have You Got Any More Ideas?
Thanks Andy
Does it overheat ? if so i understand that the header cap can be presurised if its not olding at the right presure it could be looseing water thro the cap other than that back to landrover or a good garage, :bawling:
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