Hello everyone,
Hope you are doing well ! Posting, this time with a sale in mind regarding a genuine T4 TESTBOOK Laptop i have at my disposal which i no longer require since all my Landies are now on carbs. The unit is in excellent condition and performs all of its intended functions faultlessly. It has been thoroughly cleaned internally and has had a new battery installed. It also comes with a new charger. Most importantly though it has the proper Omitec software installed. The RDS 5.06. One important thing to highlight is that the old style CD discs are no longer required to be physically inserted into the CD drive as they have been digitized and stored into the laptops memory. This means they can be virtually mounted onto the CD drive using a CD drive clone. The machine works in a more reliable and faster responding manner than previously due to this. Price-wise i am looking to get around 650 USD for it, plus shipping costs with a carrier of your choice. Hellenic Post offers great prices and works with USPS in the States. Its a great piece of kit if someone is looking for a spare, a backup or simply trying to get gather all the T4 Testbook kit parts. Looking forward to hearing from you if something like this interests you.
Kindest Regards