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TD5 running probs

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Hello one and all,
I'm a Land Rover technician based in the UK,i originally found this site when i was searching the internet for anyone who had experienced running probs with TD5's.I know this is abit of a cheek but if anyone has any suggestions i would welcome them.The fault is a hesitation/holding back at 2k rpm at very light throttle,40mph 4th gear.I have done some 350 miles (roadtesting) in this car and it is getting worse.No electronic faults stored.I have substituted everything i can think of from ecu to turbo,i am currently fitting a new head as directed by LR technical but i'm unconvinced this will make any difference.I am stumped and so are they,any ideas?!
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I once spent a month trying to fix a .5 volt fluctuation under a load at EXACTLY 72mph. All the lights would dim for a split second and it drove the driver crazy, despite the fact that the 2000 GMC Sonoma was overloaded and the driver was speeding with it. The engineer from GMC showed up, looked at what I had done and after five minutes said GMC would buy it back! It was in the programming and all it would have taken is an under/overdrive drive pulley. I got paid s**T warr. time and lost my ass.

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You will have learned more than you know from this experience.
I doubt you will be disappointed.
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