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TDi 300 coolant loss

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Last year my Discovery TDi300 (175k miles) suffered a water pump failure which caused a major overheat & blown headgasket.

In repairing I had the head skimmed true (needed quite a lot) - but not the block which remained in situe. (obviously new gaskets etc etc )

Subsequently - the car now uses coolant (no obvious leak) and has to be regularly topped up to avoid a new overheat. Otherwise she starts & runs fine.

A LR dealership has advised that tdi300 heads cannot be skimmed (as they are case hardened ?) - and that if they are - often coolant usage results.
Is this true ?

if so then I guess a new head is the logical route - but is there any way to diagnose & confirm head at fault rather than (say) a cracked block ?

Finally - does use of this sort of product actually work
(assuming that I have reduced the integrity of my engine by skimming) ? - anyone had any experience? or is it fools gold that causes more harm than good ?

All advice/experience appreciated.

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cooked 300tdi

That is what they say in Australia. If you cook the 300tdi the head has to be replaced. Bare heads over here are worth about $1300 about500 pounds,then you transfer the valves etc. I have put a 3.9 v8 range rover expansion tank cap on my tdi these have a coolant level switch built into the cap, If you start loosing coolant or blow a hose the alarm goes off. Regards from Aust. :drink1:
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