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I have a 2004 Discovery SE7 and Ive had the Terrafirma medium load 2" front & rear springs(TF042 & TF023V) installed since June of 2013. Theyve only had 8,000 miles put on them since then and they have always sagged or if this is normal, then they have always sat low in the rear.

The front currently sits at 21" and the rear sits at 19.75". Those measurements are taken from the center of the wheel hub to the fender arch. I dont have the plastic fender arch trim covers on. In addition, stock height should be 19.7" +/- 0.6" so in best case scenario(19.1" stock height) I got 1.9"F & 0.7"R increase over stock with supposedly 2" lift springs, at worst(20.3" stock height) only got 0.7"F increase and actually have a negative 0.6" decrease over stock.

These are on the original stock dampers/shocks and the people at Lucky8 where I bought them tried to tell me the problem is the dampers but I dont see how weak dampers can cause suspension droop, at least not by 1.25". Maybe they were trying to find something else to blame so they wouldnt have to send me a new set.

Barring a bad set of springs, Im thinking maybe part of the problem could be that my Discovery is an SE7 version which I imagine is heavier in the back then the regular version. Those rear jump seats seem pretty heavy just by operating them but Im not certain by how much and Im not about to unbolt them to find out. Plus I dont know how heavy all the rear trim for the cubbies in the regular non-SE7 version are to compare them to.

I also have an aftermarket steel rim and bigger tire combination for my spare hanging off the back door, a roof rack and an OEM rear ladder so Im not sure how much weight that adds to the rear as well.

I know the last time I weighed my truck I was at 5086lbs. Stock OEM curb weight is listed at 4200-4900lbs. which is a huge range so I dont know what baseline these suspension manufacturers use to design and spec their springs.

Any comments? Click on attachment to see pic.


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Shocks / dampers so not have any effect on ride height what so ever!
It sound to me like you have the wrong spring rate for how your truck is equipped and how you want it to sit.
I have a similarly equipped 2002 and I corrected it with spacers from "supreme suspensions". They are solid aluminum plates that go between the lower mount and the axle.
I am happy with the outcome after installing them on my truck.
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