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I've been driving my 2004 Discovery G4 as a daily driver about a year now, it has about 46000 miles on it and is getting about 13.5 MPG. Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and suggestions as I got it back into shape after acquiring it after the passing of my uncle. I still need to change the coolant and rebuild/replace the front drive shaft but since I've done this list of items it has really been a nice vehicle. Between the advice here and some Atlantic British videos its not been much harder to work on than my F150.

Replaced throttle body heater plate, it was leaking
Passenger front door regulator
Magnacore plug wires
NGK plugs
gas cap
gear oil all 3 diffs
many engine oil and filter changes
filter and fluid in the transmission
air filter
rear window switch
restored the headlights and new bulbs
new Arnott air bags
flushed the brake fluid
new boots for the brake and transfer case levers
Option B 3 amigos fix
new abs shuttle switch
converted to D1 wiper arms
installed grease zert on center of drive shaft
BG 22K and a tanker of premium fuel

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Good to hear it’s coming along. Amazing to hear of such a low mileage G4
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