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The 90

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I'm f'in around tonight while the wife is out with a friend (the friend is smokin') and my son is sawing twigs (he's only 2 so logs are outta the question for now). Decided to take a few pics of my 90. I frickin' love this thing! I also feel very lucky to have this sucker, especially since it's 1 of only about 200 red (Portofino and Monza - mine's Portofino) D90 SW's imported to the U.S. in '97.

Yes, Disco, I am drinking while doing this. Half bottle of Ca' del Solo Big House White down the hatch already...
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RoverX. If we both buy our medication at the same time (in bulk) we should be able to save sh*t loads of $ which equates into more Booze Man. :D
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