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The 90

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I'm f'in around tonight while the wife is out with a friend (the friend is smokin') and my son is sawing twigs (he's only 2 so logs are outta the question for now). Decided to take a few pics of my 90. I frickin' love this thing! I also feel very lucky to have this sucker, especially since it's 1 of only about 200 red (Portofino and Monza - mine's Portofino) D90 SW's imported to the U.S. in '97.

Yes, Disco, I am drinking while doing this. Half bottle of Ca' del Solo Big House White down the hatch already...
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lshill05 said:
How about posting pics of the hot friend????
PS. sweeet truck
Not only is she hot, unattached and makes $300K a year, she's a good cook and loves to hit the bottle. AND, she drives an '04 DII!!! How d'ya like them apples?
WCURoverD90 said:
Im probably gonna stir up a hornets nest on this one but, what more could you want in a woman. It might not get any better than that.... :drink1:
I hate to detract from my rover pics, but this rover broad has apparently piqued the interest of you deprived LROF junkies. No hornets' nest stirred, WCURover. problem is, this woman is twice divorced and would NEVER get her LR dirty... although she might be willing to get dirty with your "rover." another fact, she likes to vacation alone in exotic locales. think St. Lucia or Ixtapa...
Moeras said:
Nice truck!!

However will your friend consiider South Africa as an Exotic location???

I might just decide to accompany her for a week or so??
for you, moeras, i will extoll to her the wonders of South Africa as a superb vacation destination. :D
roverX said:
About the hot friend..remember..I got voted the most eligible... :D
Rover, you're the closest geographically, so I guess you'll get first dibs.
okay, rover, put the bottle down. i have no pics of this nugget. and, if i tried to take one, my wife would probably start pruning (if you get my drift).

now, about my Defender...
THAT'S IT! THIS FORUM HAS GONE TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET! When Rover won't talk about rovers over some broad he's never seen... well, that's... that's, completely understandable.

Man, how the mice will play when Serg is away.
Hailsharky said:

do you have a swimming pool?

If so, have a small pool party and take pictures of the LR Hottie from the bathroom window all Fast Times at Richmont high style. Instead of throwing a pun-yed, you will be clicking the canon.
Then post the pics later after everyone has gone home.
Shark, you're a pig. A very sly swine. I'll see what I can do.

Actually, come to think of it, I'll be at her place this weekend for a wine binge. I'll bring the video camera just in case she decides to swing from the chandelier in her b'day suit.
i repeat. sharky, you're a dirty oinker. however, they always say pigs are one of the smartest animals.

john, i fedex'd the plane tix. see you this saturday! :buttrock:
Series 3 guy said:
YO GRIFF!!! You truck looks sweet.Nice night shot. Like the rear step thats been added!!! Beatiful rig!!!!! :wave: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :drink1:
thanks, my good man. pm'ing you.
series 3, your message folder is full. work is really getting in the way of your LROF time.
NoWake200 said:
GriffSC, very GOOD LOOKING 90. She looks good in red with the white roof. :clap: The only problem is......she is not in my driveway. :bawling:
$40K from your wallet to mine and i'm sure something can be arranged.
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