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If you read it closely and the read the FAQ you can see the actual reason they are selling it.. To cover up your plates against speed cameras. They are just working around it. They even have a full link section to Speed Camera maps, etc..

You can also get some dirt and water and make your own mud. Or, god forbid, go off road and get it dirty with real mud!


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I don't use the word "poser" often, because I believe 'to each his own' and that it takes different types of Landy Lovers to make the world go 'round (insert schmaltzy music here). But this,,,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,

To the extreme.

Screams poser.
Please nobody on the board every buy fake, spray-on mud.


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Looks like a cow flew over it. I wonder how many cans of that stuff you need to use to do a complete 'mud' over. I rather spend the money on BEER!
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