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The Empty Quarter

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Nine of us drove down to the Empty Quarter of UAE (Rub Al Khali) last weekend for a campout.

Bit of a sandstorm on Day 1 (Thursday) but the Friday was magnificent although due to various tyre problems with four of the vehicles we had to return to the main village for repairs and did not manage to get really deep into the dunes.

One guy dropped out on Day 1 with electrical problems and two others left the morning after leaving 6 of us to have an interesting day

Some more pics and story here
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Fantastic pics, great blow by blow account of the trip and I am so jelouse of you. :bawling: I miss the desert so much.. Really need to get my Black 90 out there.. Will have to reapaint it though so I dont cook inside it :eek:
Spent 3 months in the Oman in 2001 with the Army driving Defender Wolfs.. Fantastic fun especially as I was a Recce driver for my time there so I didnt have to pull a trailer :drive: Just me and my Sgt :rellye roaming around looking for good Comms sites so we had lots of time to play.. Only thing was we were on our own (with comms) so we didnt ever risk rolling it..Got stuck once or twice but nothing a bit of elbow grease coudnt fix..

Only time I got proper stuck was in the middle of the night driving on a GPS bearing with a trailer + water bowser and about 30 boxes of bottled water in the back. We tried to cross a waddie and game over. I could have made it out if we ditched the trailer but that wasnt an option as we had all the water for our formation. Again I was on my own with a co-driver but we had the benifit of the support of the Army on the end of a HF radio.. Wasn't a whole load of chance of dieing.. A couple did but hey.. **** happens...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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