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The Empty Quarter

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Nine of us drove down to the Empty Quarter of UAE (Rub Al Khali) last weekend for a campout.

Bit of a sandstorm on Day 1 (Thursday) but the Friday was magnificent although due to various tyre problems with four of the vehicles we had to return to the main village for repairs and did not manage to get really deep into the dunes.

One guy dropped out on Day 1 with electrical problems and two others left the morning after leaving 6 of us to have an interesting day

Some more pics and story here
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Searcaigh said:
I have been pondering on shipping one of my Discos over to Canada and driving down to USA over the summer (maybe not this summer but possibly 2006) as there are a few places that I would really love to visit (Death Valley being one)

Not sure how Arabic plates will be accepted in the US though
Your pics are great, thanks for taking the time to put it all together on one site.
As for driving down from Canada you should go for it, Check out Newfoundland for great offroading,awesome terrain & wild sights, elk, icebergs, whales. It would be a great starting point for a journey that ended up in our deserts here in the US.
Don't worry so about the plates, it would probably just lead to you meeting more individuals than normal.
My business partner keeps a Ferrari in Paris w/ New York plates on it, he was a little concerned after Sept 11th. but he says people have been great, and it has actually helped get out of tickets in a few
You know people are people and Goverments / politics are a different matter.
Hell in my office in NYC I've even got Greeks and Turks working together :clap:
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