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Serg, Nice Forum…. I know your others, and they have been great successes…. All the best with this one!
Here is a “classifieds story”

I had a 1968 Series II a 88” Station Wagon, with the jump seats, tropical roof, 2.25 liter petrol motor, Toro overdrive, etc, etc. I am sort of a British car fiend, and it was time to move on. I advertised the Rover on and stirred up a fair amount of interest. I am on the West Coast. A party in New York expressed interest, located a local Land Rover shop, and had me bring it in for inspection. It was going to eventually need springs, and a couple of other odds and ends, and the NY party bailed. The Land Rover shop liked the truck, and spread the word through the shop’s network of customers. In the meantime, I had several more cross country interests brewing, but the local shop found a customer with a Range Rover who was looking for an older Land Rover. “Great- it’s much easier to deal with a local party, and not have to deal with shipping.” I thought.

Enter the Investment Banking stock trader Range Rover enthusiast. He came to look in his Range Rover, talked about his Ferrari Testarossa, and loved my Series II a. It was raining. He drove it. Still loved it. He lived on a hill, and wanted something he could drive down to a nearby train station to hop a train for work. He agreed to pay nearly full price. He came back a week later with a wad of cash. He drove off. That was it; or so I thought.

Forty minutes later, I received a phone call. “I’ve made a huge mistake – you didn’t misrepresent the Rover, it’s just that I live on this hill, and it is soooo slow, and this just isn’t going to work for me.” I explained that we had done the paperwork, and it was his. Will you buy it back for $XXXX? ($2,000 less than he had just paid).

“No, I really can’t do that, we did the paperwork, I need the space, sorry” I replied. Then he said, “look, there are winners and losers in every deal, you are going to win here. I need to undo this, what about $x,500? (2,500 less than he had just paid). I saw some room for negotiation; we settled at $3000 less than he had paid.

One hour and 25 minutes after selling the Rover, I was at the investment banker’s house As I drove up, he was out taking photos of the Rover. “This is the shortest time I have ever owned a car” he quipped. I took a look at his Ferrari Testarossa, then “bought” my Rover back (for $3000 less than I collected in the sale an hour before) with the investment banker’s cash.

In essence, he rented the Rover from me for an hour for $3000. Not bad. It gets better. I had been talking with another party in Maryland on LRX. I got home, informed the other party that it was available again, and sold it again – the same day for the same price. I must admit, I made out pretty well on the whole deal. If only you could do that regularly….. A week later, the Rover was loaded on a truck for the cross-country trek. I was a little apprehensive of phone calls until I found out that the new owner was happy with the truck…..


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Thanks man.. I remember that deal.. that was hilarious! Wish you could do it like that on every deal!

Anyhow thanks for stopping by and sharing that story, I am sure all will get a kick out of it.

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