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I've just completed a major top end rebuild on my 87 EFI 3.5.
I've set the timing to -6 tdc and checked all the linkages and reset the throttle potentiometer.
The car starts from cold fine with a healthy tickover and a white exhaust colour. The car does not use water (anymore, thanks to a head skim and composite gaskets!)
If I blip the throttle the car responds fine. I have replaced for the moment the one-way inline valve from the plenum chamber to the vacuum advance unit on the distributor with a plain tube.
The problem is when the car warms up it seems to get very rich with a white/blue exhaust and the tickover drops to the point of virtually stalling.
I cannot adjust the tickover any higher to make it run faster.
Can anyone please tell me if the Thermoswitch could be to blame? I have read about it somewhere on the site but and not sure how much influence it has on the injection system.
I don't think it is the stepper motor as these models do not have one(apparently) or if so I really cannot find it!
Also the overrun shut-off valve has two electrical connection which can be wired up either way....could this be causing me the 'blues' as well?
I would really appreciate any input here as I must soon remove the car.
As always, many thanks,
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