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Thinking of selling my 90

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Hey guys just trying to get an idea of how to price my truck if I decide to sell it.... its a garaged california 95 yelow d90 it has 65k on the clock and a salvaged title from getting hit in rear quarter panel 3 years ago, the body shop could only get a replacement from factory so after 4 months I took the salvage and called rovers down south. It looks new no frame damage and runs and drives perfect, has had all services and bottom half of engine rebuilt recently,rear seat, rear subwoofer, nav unit in dash, ect. 2 tops oversize tires, new suspension stuff ect... well heres a pic and any responses would help..... Thanks
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How much were you thinking of selling it for...what's the book value say?
That thing is SICKKK dude.

You must really have to sell it otherwise I cant think of why you would.
It is one of the nicest I have seen.
I love those chrome rims, who makes them bud?

If I had more expendable cash I would talk business over that sweet ride.
Thanks man I put alot of time and money in " my baby" so I'm trying to do everything I can to keep it but I just took over my fathers company and it needs alot of work... which means I might need money to keep it going. The wheels are american racing I believe but to be honest there more show than go meaning not the best if you really want to enjoy the ride.

LandroverXD to be honest I'm not really sure so I'm hoping to get a good idea on here so the price is fair for both parties.
Invest in GTEL and keep the 90,lol
GTEL ? I own a Mortgage Co I'm confused! i dont get stocks yet. I'd love to laugh, Help me out

who is is gtel and why would i invest? is it good? I want to keep my beloved 90
That is a very sweet 90! Don't sell! you may never be able to get another one as nice as that for a good price. I could see getting a pretty penny for it, but someone may not want to pay you what it's worth since it has a salvage title?..What about doing a refi on it?? I had a friend pull money out of a car he owned that way?
It's just a great stock that has made me money.

it is curently down from profit taking.

Eventually it will be back at .30+ cents and in a few years up in the dollars

Wish it was funny, but nope.

Good luck with the loans.

All my friends do loans for a living here in CA.

00 Disco
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I would rather sell some of my internal organs than sell that 90. It will be a tough job finding another one in the states like that! I sold my 90 to make room in my drive for my new 109.I have regreted it big time!!!!
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