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Hi Folks,

My 2003 Disco just up and died, it was fine one second and then in a drive thru it stalled, kinda odd, I re-started it and it hicupped on the way home.

The next day went out started it got 200 yds from home and it started to sputter and I pulled over and it died.

I re-started it and drove it back home. I got a scan tool and pulled 17 codes out of it. I just erased them all and re-started it. It ran (sounding odd) for about 30 seconds and sputtered and died.

Here's the code list:

1 P1175
2 P1415
3 P1412
4 P0174
5 P0103
6 P1300
7 P0303
8 P0307
9 P0301
10 P0734
11 P1884
12 P0305
13 P0300

So these can't be good, does anyone have a suggestion where to start?
The O2 sensors are about a year old. There has alwasy been a bad code with Sec Air Unit (P1415) but other than that it's been fine and runs well. I did change out the plug wires to a nicor .8 type here 6 years ago too.

Any help or a suggestion where to start would be great.


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all of the misfire codes are on the LHS of the engine (from drivers seat) and the majority of the faults are with air injection, MAF and system too lean or out of range. this would suggest a very large intake leak on the drivers side of the manifold that is throwing all of these codes, it could be other things but thats where i would start. You also have the code P1300 for catalyst damaging misfires which is bad as if you are dumping fuel into the cat on the drivers side (US) you could get it hot enough to start a fire so dont drive for long distances - if at all!

the two codes for implausible gear ratio and can bus miscommunication are probably not real but i would fix the others before you worry about those.

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replaced a few parts ......

Hi Guys ....

Yep, a battery and charging system test is next, the mileage is 214675 KM because we're up in the frozen north. So for normal folks that's 133392 miles.

Here are yesterday’s codes initially before the new parts:

1300 - 0103 - 0150 - 1884 - 0305
0307 - 1984 - 0300 - 0303 - 0301

Yesterday, I put in a new Mass Air Flo sensor and a new bank 2 - O2 sensor, my buddy thinks one of the two we installed 9 months ago is faulty, I also cleared the codes.

It ran great but I noticed that when driving the revs are high, when I was out for a test drive I was seeing 2700 RPM at 75mph and about 2300 at 60 mph and 1800 at 40 mph so it was happy enough though - no errors or idle problems and no check engine light ......

This morning on the way to work it started up fine and ran ok then at the lights after it had warmed up a bit (it coughed a bit) I got a check engine light on again and here are the new codes:

1175 - 1172 - 0150 - 1412 - 0174

I do want to again, try to fix that 1175 and 72 codes – they’ve been intermittent for a long time- I did see the post from someone a while ago about the same error codes and a bad cracked air box so I’ll get a replacement box ASAP as well.

I do still have to find the vacuum leak though …….. I did read a post someplace about a guy who bypassed a bad can or something on the secondary air unit, should I try to find that post and see if that would help?

Anyway now the idle is back down to 500 again sometimes and not happy, but it’s “running”, also keep in mind that I know bugger all about vehicles! (grin)

Thanks for all your help too BTW !

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