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Ok... So I bought myself a beautiful LR Disocvery Sport 2016, here in Puerto Rico. Perfect mix of luxury & ruggedness.

I decided to take it for some light off roading, on the way to a local surf break. Mind you, rental cars are able to navigate this road. However, there are a few deep muddy "puddles" which are to be avoided. With those impressive wading depths in mind, I decided to brave a deeper looking puddle, just before the parking area.

The puddle is a crater. There is about 3 feet of water above 1-2ft of muddy water mix. The LR is stuck. Instead of immedeately getting a tow, I proceeded to try and brute force my way out of there. I used every trail mode, reverse, drive... Frantic and stupid. But wait... It gets worse. So the exhaust is submerged. The car eventually stalls out, engine cuts. The "levetating" shift dial recedes and the car is off. I turned it back on, and faught the puddle some more. First time wasnt too bad turning on. Car turns off again shortly thereafter. I turn it back on again, this time it requires some pressure on the gas to get started. I repeated this cycle for a while, each time more gas required to start the Disco. Eventually no more.

Got towed out and have the truck at the mechanic. There was no water coming out of spark plugs when engine was rotated... starter was shot. They replaced that. Air filter, etc... they started it, it ran for a short while, and then went to ****. Something broke in the motor, and now it wont crank even manually.

Besides comments on my stupidity... What do you guys think I would need to fix on this poor thing?


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