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Disco 2 facelift, 2002, 7 seat. I've done a search of the forum, but didn't find an answer to my problem.

I'm having trouble with my air springs. Both have been replaced, the last one about 2 years ago. They are not leaking - I can pump up the suspension and they stay up for days.

The problem is that the suspension goes down, on both sides, often just after parking. They will go up on driving, usually but not always. I can raise the suspension to off road hight without any problem and quickly.

I just got back from a short trip and it was down when I got out of the car :(
Then stayed up at normal hight for hours. Just drove over 6 or 7 speed bumps on our estate and by the last, the suspension was down to the bump stops (the back crashed down at the last). Used the off road setting to get it back up.

So it's unlikely a leak or compressor fault, and unless both ride hight sensors went out at the same time, it seems more of a management issue. I'd rather not go to coils if it was easy to sort.

Is it worth dispensing with the air springs and go to coil spring conversion? Do you need to reprogram the ECU in some way?

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I just replaced my air with springs. If you're going to do it yourself it can be done easily in your garage in about 1.5-2hrs. Here are the instructions I found that are pretty good.

I got my springs from for around $100. Came with all needed bolts, spacers etc.

My notes:
As far as step 1 goes you can also de-pressurize the system by cutting the air lines at the bag. You're not going to use them again anyway.
1. Undo both shocks and leave them undone till you've installed both springs. Then reconnect them. Might consider replacing them while your under there if needed.
2. Remove the height sensors. Don't need them anymore.
3. Remove the compressor. 2 bolts and some wires/hoses. Again no longer needed.

I used 2 jack stands and a floor jack to lift and maneuver the axle etc.

There is a relay and a fuse to remove in the engine compartment fuse box. NOTICE!!! Removing the fuse also disables your ABS system so find someone with the Autologic to reprogram you ECU ASAP and replace the fuse.

Removal of Air Springs:
Note: To complete this install, an Autologic Diagnostic System for Land Rover or the Dealer's Test Book
Diagnostic system is needed.

1. De-pressurize the air suspension system using Autologic or Test Book.
2. Raise rear of truck and support on jack stands under chassis.
3. Remove wheels. Place jack under the rear axle to support weight of axle.
4. Remove 2 clips securing air spring. Push spring down and remove air line. Beware of compressed air!!
5. Rotate spring 90 degrees to release from rear axle.
6. Locate the two holes for the spring seat retaining bolts. Run a 10mm X 1.50 tap thru these holes to
ease installation of retaining bolts.
7. Install lower spring seats.
8. Jack up axle to release tension from shock absorber. Remove lower bolt. Release ABS sensor lead
from bracket.
9. Install upper spring isolator to top of spring. Note: top has the tighter coils at top.
10. Lower axle until the spring can be installed in place.
11. Raise axle making sure spring stays correctly in place. Install shock and clip ABS sensor lead in
12. Repeat for opposite side.
13. Reprogram slabs computer to coil springs using Autologic or Test Book diagnostic system (this will
disable the air suspension system.)
14. Road test for unusual noises.

Hope this helps

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So it's unlikely a leak or compressor fault, and unless both ride hight sensors went out at the same time, it seems more of a management issue.
You can figure this out if you want, unplug all the connectors in the compressor housing when the vehicle is on level(be aware on the valves they have retaining clips)... if it's a management issue and no leaak is present you can drive it so for many days and it will stay on that level...if it drops it's a bag leak and that's what i think according to that intermittent behaviour, one bag leak can make it drop both sides cos the system is active with ignition off up to 1.5 hours and it tends to keep the level so if one is leaking it will release air from the other side ... dont bastardise a well enhanced vehicle by putting it on coils... it's a shame IMO
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