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So after driving with my exhaust sounding like a bigblock with straight pipes, I finally found the time between classes to take it to a Swedish car shop. They said it wasn't the headers, but after the headers before the cat. I am a bit skeptical, so when I get back to Charlotte, I took a look at my headers. A huge 1/2" ring of gap in the header pipe right after the 90 degreeish turn down after coming out of the engine. I'm in need of some new headers.

A) Ditch these headers, find a decent pair from the Junk Yard.
B) Try to have these repaired(probobly a lost cause)
C) Find some performance headers and convince my mom to buy them for Christmas.

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I go with "C" if it works....If not I go with "D" Get your own performancce headers :D

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what websites would have them?

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Isn't there a standing recall on the passenger side exhaust manifold? I have a 97 with the 4L V8, and the passenger side has a three inch hairline crack. While at the local dealer last week to visit a friend who is a tech I brought that up, and he mentioned the recall to me. According to the service writer it is only specific models, but I am going to find out the specifics on Monday.

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IIRC, Joey on lrw and dweb has headers on his DI. I'll search and post results here.

edit, here's one post from joey.

joey said:
Here is the info I sent to someone else earlier about the headers. I hope this helps, it is not all in perfect order, but it is a lot of info about
the headers and installing them. Like I say below, it wasn't fun, but it works.

Yes, these are Headman headers part# 39800 if I recall correctly. I ordered them from jet-hot (coated inside and out) I would say that my engine
compartment temp has gone down a lot, the motor runs better and I can even tell that this motor has some more power and torque. (haven't dino'd it,
but by seat of the pant dino says more power).

The only mods I had to make were for the steering arm (small bend in pipe), and the knock sensor (not an issue for non-OBDII LR's)

If you have any questions, or need pics or anything, email back.

My invoice from Jet-Hot was $321(US) for HD39800 and $25 for shipping and handling total $346. They are coated inside and out and they say they will
never rust through, if they do, they will recoat them for free. If you just want the uncoated version, you can get them from summit racing for $109.

I called Jet-Hot Direct and ordered mine, they took about 2 weeks to get to my house from time of order.

I currently only run the clutch fan in the summer and remove it in the winter, I plan to install my Flex-a-lite Model 295 soon, but need to make a couple small changes in order for it to fit. I looked at the Kenlowe fans, but it just didn't seem large enough to keep the LR cool on hot summer days with the A/C running.

I also plain to add a Cam sometime in the future, but that will probably be next summer (my wife is not happy with me spending all my money making
changes to the Disco, and I haven't even ordered my Bumper, Winch, and recovery gear yet....).

As per Bill Rhoads (his number is below) who works on LR's and makes this type of aftermarket change all the time. He said I may have to add a washer to the drivers side motor mount to make them fit, but probably not (I did not have to add a washer, just had to mod the header a little to make it fit around the steering arm and the knock sensor. Below is more info:

(CAT INFO from SUMMIT) Also I talked with Summit Tech department (he is the one who suggested jet hot) and he informed me that the CTO-2540 2 1/4 Cats are $75 from summit and are list for the Land Rover OBDII. If you call they are listed under Range Rover, not Land Rover, but the do have them under Discovery...Got to love that.

"The following info I got off of another LR web Site"

"Only headers I've found in the US are Hedman Headers. Summit Racing (mail order house) 1-800-230-3030 has them for $119.88 Part number 39800. These
are for a '87 Range Rover, but may work for the D90. There's other sources in the UK and Australia if you want to pay high bucks and high shipping. You
can also have them "Jet coated" for around $300 but that's way too rich for my blood. (Jet coat is a high temp ceramic coating). I think the Jet Hot
makes them lot's quieter.

Good luck,
Yes the Rangie headers are out there, and they will work for the D90...My pair should be in in about a month...Call headman directly (their service
number, not the dealers) and chat with them.

The part number is: 39806 (I'm not sure if it's coated or non-coated)...If your still having trouble call Bill Rhoads at (505)471-3888...He'll give ya'
a screamin' deal on them too!"

I spoke to Bill and he said you need the washer on the engine mount. He said the RH drive ones work fine.

I know that AdrianS has them in his 91RR and they work fine. He had someone install them along with two cats and a flowmaster, I think he paid around
$250 for the install.

BTW: the part number is 39800 for the uncoated and 39800-6 for the ceramic coated.

Also, I called Bill Rhoads Bill Rhoad at (505)471-3888 He owns an runs a European Auto shop in Santa Fe NM. He is extremely knowledgable on LR's, He
said he has customer come to him from as far away as Mississippi, he said that on the Disco I shouldn't have any issues installing these or any worrying about rubbing...but as always be prepared for little issues.

He said to use the original style manifold gaskets. and a thick collector gasket

The headers from headman (39800) are made for the Range Rover 3.9, I have talked to Headman's tech support, and they told me they are made for right
hand drive Range Rovers, but Bill Rhoads told me he has put them on many Range Rovers, Defenders and Disco's over the years..he said he has put on
alot of them. Give him a call if you are curious.

The headers fit, but it wasn't fun. I had to make a few mods to get it all to work, and the Cats had to move alot, so if you have smog testing I would
not recommend this change. Unless you are real good with moving things to make them fit... I will not post all the pics, but I will say that it was a fun and interesting install. I took me and my muffler guy about 7 hours to install them. This included test fitting, removing, fitting, removing, fitting, removing and modding all the way. Passenger side was a breeze to say the least most of the time was spent on the Drivers side. If I had to do it again, I would say maybe 4.5 to 5 hours tops, since I now know what I am doing, but my muffler guy told me and I quote "Don't even ask" unquote.

Hope this helps.
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