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Tires for 2005 LR3 255/55R19

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Hello Guys,

It's been a while I am looking for an All terrain tire for my 2005 LR3, which is used mostly for city drive, but being in East coast we do get hit with bad weather (SNOW/SLEET).

After reading various forums and feedback from users I narrowed down my search to the following three (in order of preference):

After calling alot of tire shops, I am not able to find any of these. Later I dropped the coopers out as read a forum where users reported alot of tread wear after 20k miles.

My current tires are Michelin 4X4 Synchrone which lasted me good 50K+ miles and they still have good amount of tread on them, just the walls start to show signs of graining.

Now after further research the only option I see (which is available) is the
Bridgestone Dueler H/L ALENZA PLUS
but for this tire I could not find any reviews from Landrover or Rangerover users.

All the forum members please help shed some light on these tires (or others) and help me decide the tires before the winter season kicks in. My tire needs:
- City/road driving only (Not very high speed - max 70-75 mph)
- Traction for heavy snow and sleet

Thank you in advance to everyone contributing.
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I had the Dueler H-L Alenza's before and I can say that they are ok. Good traction and handling in light snow. Never tried them in heavy snow though. The reason I bought them is that 4 wheel online offered me a good deal. I got around 50k out of this tire.
I have the Nitto Terra Grapplers and they have been outstanding!
for heavy snow winter tires
Nitto Terra Grapplers would also be my suggestion, its bang for the bucks.
It seems Jax is looking for 19" tires. Cooper Zeon LTZ are the only ones I can find in that size, but they don't make them anymore. Any other 19" options out there for tires good for off-road?
ATTURO Tires makes a 255/55R19 in their Trail Blade MT great tire for me so far.
I got Nokia Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV studless snow tires for my LR4 and love them. I spend a lot of time going from the city to the hills in Vermont and they have performed very well. Come spring I'll get a set of summer tires and switch these out.

I use the Goodyear Duratech 255/55/19 and they are wonderful for snow, water, and light off-road.
I use the Goodyear Duratech 255/55/19 and they are wonderful for snow, water, and light off-road.
Aren't they noisy hows the ride comfort with it?
I run Goodyear Duratracs on my Classic, and just installed Cooper Zeons on my L322 (255/55r19). Coopers are noisy compared to the Pirelli Scorpions I ran, and the Duratracs are noisier.
I've just had Cooper Discoverer A/T 3's 265/65/18 installed on my LR3. They have a nice ride, low noise, and good looking tire. I'm pleased with the off road traction too. All around great tire!
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