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I got a 99 Disco ii. It's got about 100k miles on it and it has some 255/70R16 on it but I wanting to go bigger. What's the biggest I can go on a stock suspension?

I also am wondering where to get a lift kit?

I am putting a new stereo system in it with a new in dash stereo but none of the kits at walmart say that they will fit a LR disco. I am getting a basic small (about half as big as the stock LR stereo). Does anyone know what mod kit will work that I could get at walmart or anywhere else?


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Don't do any tires until you get rid of that suspension that died around 7 years ago.
What sort of trails will you be running? As for lifts, Old Man EMU and Iron Man are considered the best, Bilstein is the upper end at $1000's of dollars and Terra Firma I slightly more popular only because it is a cheap quality lift, but in the economy money talks.
Are you aware that the larger the tires the more modification you will need to do to the truck to handle them such as gear, H.D. axles, lockers and other suspension parts?
Go to Best Buy for radio information.
By the way, how many miles on the truck and have you seen my major service list posted at the top of this section, your Disco most likely needs all of the list done, including the front drive shaft if you plan on wheeling and it hasn't been rebuilt or replaced before.
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