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TJM bumper ordered.. now 2" or 3" lift? hmmm

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Starting on my 2004 D2 project. I just ordered a TJM bumper now I just can't decide to go with a 2" or 3" lift. I've read many many threads on this but the info is all over the place regarding what is required for a 3" lift. I really don't want to mess with longer brake lines or alignment issues. I will be using it mainly for the beach and some light off-road excursions in the Florida sand/mud/roots.

i have a set of 265x75x16 Nitto's I'll be putting on the stock rims. I'm thinking 2" would be better for me but 3" sounds much better. I'd hate to spend the money and wish I got a 3" lift later.

Sorry for starting yet another 2" or 3" thread but I just can't decide! TIA!
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I really don't want to mess with longer brake lines or alignment issues.
2"...3" will cost you about double to do it right...and you will have to mess with longer brake lines and alignment issues.

Unless you plan on stuffing bigger tires on it or more extreme off-roading there is no need. You wont be disappointed with the 2".
2 and 3" lifts are both the same price, yes you would want to change out the brake lines on either because your old rubber brakes line are probabaly pretty shot by age at this point.
Thanks for the input. You are right about the brake lines, I might as well since already replacing the pads and rotors.

2" lift seems like it would fit my needs better. I'm going to look at the various kits out there and start ordering more parts. Can't wait to start working on it!
2" would be great, might want to consider the Old Man Emu as the better lift, especially if you are planning on a lot of wheeling. If just doing the average wheeling go with the medium duty as the H.D. would probably be to firm.
The lift kit is the same price but the castor correct radius arms for the 3" to get the driveline back in order is about the same cost as the lift kit. Which is why myself and most just go with the 2".

Dont forget there are 2 rubber brake lines below the master cylinder along the frame rail...most extended line kits dont come with those 2....which reminds me that i need to get those swapped out at somepoint this summer.
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