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i am about to buy a tjm bumper....anyone got any comments about this product, and can anyone tell me the best place with the best price to buy it? it is either a tjm or a voyager bumper, i am leaning toward tjm for its airbag compatibleness!!! any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I was going to go TJM or ARB before I realized that they kinda suck. They have to be huge because they house the winches inside of them....for that same reason they can only hold small winches.....and have bad approach angles because they stick out to hold the winch.

I am 100% RTE now, I think that thier bar rocks and it is undoubtedly the most heavy duty bar out there (thats not custom).

I know TJM is better then ARB.....but seeing all those ARB's crushed up into the grill of rovers makes me hesitant on considering using the crush cans that make it air bag compatable in the first place.

...I wonder, do our rovers have any way to deploy the airbag without crushing??? ..inertial sensors?? :dunno: ..tractor beam??

...One good point to bring up is that the crush cans themselfs will provide an impact crush zone so you dont get the full impact directly through the frame.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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