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to diff or not to diff that is the question

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i have a ser 2a carawagon i have fitted a 2.5 diesel sherpa engine she works fine but screams in top end so i need to spread the power she runs on rover axles not salsbury i was told not to fit range rover diffs cos this will not make any difference to the power because of the sherpa 400 engine is this true if so whats my alternative my question is what do i do can i use different diffs or just get an over drive the diffs would be my choice if i could get some thing to suit .the over drive would produce more cabin noise its already loud enough any thoughts or ideas any body :dunno:
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Firstly, being a 109, your Landy should have a Rover front axle and a Salisbury rear. However, that's not the point here.

Fitting the higher ratio Range Rover differentials do make cruising at about 60 mph practical from the engine noise/stress side of things. However the trade off is in slower acceleration since you are effectivly raising all the gear ratios. A 2.5 diesel only chucks out 68 horsepower, and a Carawagon is quite a heavy machine, so it depends on what you want from the vehicle- if you spend a lot of time making long road journeys, then the RR diffs may be the thing.

An overdrive shouldn't produce any more noise- it should mean that the vehicle is quieter overall as when the O/D is in use the gear ratios go up, so you can hold 50mph (say) at 2500 rpm instead of 3500. Overdrives should be quiet- if they make a loud whining noise they're worn out.

I know RR diffs are straight-swaps in Rover axles, but I don't know about fitting one to a Salisbury axle. I'm sure someone here will know.
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to tall

Firstly 2a 109s were fitted with rover rear axles as standard only series 3 109s had salisburys due to common failure of half shafts in the rover axle.

I would not use rangie diffis in a vehicle this size as it is to heavy and underpowered.

An overdrive is ideal in this situation and will not any more noise to the cabin,also you could but some larger diameter tyres on this will give a gearing up effect added to the flexibility of the overdrive this is the path I would take.

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