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I am doing some research to find out peoples opinions, over the last 10 years I have built 7 Bowler Tomcat vehicles in England and now that i'm in the US I miss them. I don't see that anyone builds them over here so it's time to change that

If you don't know what a tomcat is just take a look at their website which is , it is a very high performance off road vehicle that is very simple to build and maintain. There are so many Range Rover Classics and early Discovery 1 vehicles here in the US that are at the end of there life mainly because of rust that we now have a good supply of donor vehicles

I have started the build of my first prototype that is based on the 100" wheelbase so no chassis frame cutting is needed, the spaceframe rollcage will be to FIA spec so no worries there. Just to make it interesting i'm using the 4.2 liter running gear from a '93 LWB so it will not be slow!

I am intending to make this into a commercially viable product, supplying the spaceframe/chassis frame package with the harder to find parts you need. I plan on producing a fibreglass hood, inner fenders and the air scoop to make it easier. All of the other body panels will be easily made from flat aluminum sheet.

Let me have your thoughts on this project :rellye

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Do it but use Domestic Parts here....

Your suggestion for making a NAS Tomcat is great. I would suggest whenever possible to use domestic parts whereever possible to keep the price down.

The Tomcat, made in the US, would make a great Jeep killer provided you do construct additional larger body styles with the right things done in the passenger area and rollcage. There is a great demand here akin to the dune buggy sect and around in NYC, there are a few of those running around here, even in Harlem. There are those who would look another Land Rover ride unique to the street and the rocks.

I see it filling a void for those looking for something small to run about on-road and of-road when the big trucks are too big. Take a compare with the new stretch Jeep and Suzuki and you see what I mean.

We do need something like that for the oncoming gas shortage and if you also elect to use a bio-diesel powerplant, you will be able to take advantage of the Bush Adminstration current energy policies and get funds for the vehicle(s).

Good luck and good fortune to you.

Adam in NYC
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