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Tommarow may be the day. The rover i test drove and had terrible brakes, has now been "fixed" by the seller (as much as i can trust of it) and i am driving it again tommarow / possibly buying. I have offered 3250 for the truck, please check it out and offer any ponters to check out, especially on the "newly fixed" brakes"

QUOTE=Wisch95]I am looking to buy a 95 discovery with 93k. The truck is in decent shape, with just minor ust in the door wells. The engine felt great on test drive, however the brake light was on, and the brake pedal needed to be pushed all the way to the floor in order to stop. I immediatly figured with the mileage being so close to 100k and the nature of the problem, that all corners would need new pads and rotors. I am assuming about 700 for the job total (as that is what the local service garage quoted me)
Any advice on picking this truck up for 3000, or 3500 ofthe seller takes care of the brakes. I will be using the discovery as a daily driver for about 6 months.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the help
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