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2003 Discovery 2 SE7
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Looking to see what people carry in there rovers as a tool kit. Trying to lean out the one I carry now.
A full 300-piece Harbor Freight socket set, a collection of screwdrivers, pliers, vice grips, zip ties, duct tape, extra belt, extra coolant, extra oil, extra ATF, suction tube to add said ATF, air pump, tire repair kit, wiring terminals, extra fuses, extra hose (vacuum and coolant), extra hose clamps, a shovel, tow straps, u bolts, gloves, and snatch blocks.
Yeah, it's pretty unreliable (03 Disco 2)

I'd recommend at a bare minimum have a decent Metric socket set, a decent screwdriver set, a pair of channel lock pilers, a tire repair kit, and anything part that can fail that you're comfortable repairing on the side of the road (at least a serpentine belt). I'd also keep a quart of oil and a jug of water (for you if you get stranded and/or your car if it leaks coolant) and a basic first aid kit.

AAA membership is also quite nice. I've had to use mine a couple times, and it is a lifesaver.
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