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Tools what kind do you have

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So what kind of tools do you prefer? Craftsmen, snapon Mac, Matco,

or ebay and other places.

Me, I prefer Matco, I got a great rep with the Matco guy but I dont mind buying something from the others if necessary. But also if I can find an odd tool in say home depot then I go for it. Sometimes small things like pipe cleaners and some cheap air tools work well.

I do have some craftsmen from my days at school though.

I am always going on the tool truck for something else. My favorite is my cordless electric quarter inch wratchet. basically instead of air powered its battery powered. gots lot of torque. great for inside interior work and bumpers and stuff. I can swap out a window regulator on a freelander in under ten minutes. Just got a dual caliper break spreading tool. Basically you pump it like a cauk gun and it pushes the brake calipers back. A real time saver.

Ironically my tool box isnt that big. I d rather have more tools then a bigger box. I knew too many guys get big boxes only to lose them a few months later.
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One or more from each of the major brands but never the one I'm need for the job I attempting to complete. :)
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