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2002 Disco II 135,000 miles
My wife and i just resurrected our Disco 2 and are planning on pulling a 6x12 Uhaul trailer with it from CA to NC Via I-40. Just wondering if anyone has any other maintenance recommendations for this trip. Any tips on towing long distance? Should I be concerned about the transmission? So far I have driven the vehicle 500 miles, no issues.

Recent work:
Front Drive Shaft
Fuel pump
O2 Sensors
Control Arms
Brake Pads
New Tires
Balance & Alignment
Tranny Fluid
Front & Rear Diff. Fluid
Oil & Oil Filter
Air Filter
Cleaned Throttle Body

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Sounds like you have done well with catching up on maintaining your truck.

Any idea how much weight you will be pulling?

These trucks are very capable as tow vehicles.
What is your experience level pulling a trailer
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