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Traction control engages during driving bringing Disco almost to a stop

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03 Discovery II
111,450 miles.
Problems started when broken flex plate wiped out front pump on transmission and had Aamco put a used trans in it. Shortly after I got it back I got the 3 Amigos and did the fix, replaced the both rear wheel sensors. fixed right rear slider that was frozen.
I also got an error that the scan tool said was P1591 - Rough Road Signal
Also reset the ABS errors 90 - LR output to low, 92 RR output to low, 118 LR output Intermittent, 120 RR output intermittent. and 134 Shuttle valve switch. no errors have returned
Used a friends new Snap-on scanner with the LR modules.

I also have a Transmission error 21- CAN Message, MDIND Invalid, (Flag) FTLMES.

Also when I had the transmission replaces the battery was disconnected for over a month and the key functions are gone.
Any advice would be helpful

Thank You
Ed Stephan
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Are your 3 amigo lights still on.
3 amigo lights are no longer on but TC keeps engaging the rear brakes at random times. It seems when I'm on rough road (which is most of the time) is when the TC really goes off
Do you have an actual 3 amigo type scanner?
I have a Snapon VERDICT™ Wireless Diagnostic and Information System, and have an Autolink AL619

As for your tranny code, Rover code, which is what I need run from 700 to 801 for any tranny fault codes. Use a regular scanner and recheck the codes..
tranny code I got is P1884 (Manufacturer Transmission Control) . Also the transmission temp light is on all the time
The 1590 indicates you still have an ABS issue.

Thank You
Ed stephan
Thank You
Reseated the rear Brake sensors. corrected problem.
Reset with Autolink AL619 and all is good. ABS and Traction Control are working properly Have a couple more things to repair and my 03 Disco II will be up for sale because I just bought a beautiful LR3

Thank You
Ed Stephan
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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