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Traction control engages during driving bringing Disco almost to a stop

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03 Discovery II
111,450 miles.
Problems started when broken flex plate wiped out front pump on transmission and had Aamco put a used trans in it. Shortly after I got it back I got the 3 Amigos and did the fix, replaced the both rear wheel sensors. fixed right rear slider that was frozen.
I also got an error that the scan tool said was P1591 - Rough Road Signal
Also reset the ABS errors 90 - LR output to low, 92 RR output to low, 118 LR output Intermittent, 120 RR output intermittent. and 134 Shuttle valve switch. no errors have returned
Used a friends new Snap-on scanner with the LR modules.

I also have a Transmission error 21- CAN Message, MDIND Invalid, (Flag) FTLMES.

Also when I had the transmission replaces the battery was disconnected for over a month and the key functions are gone.
Any advice would be helpful

Thank You
Ed Stephan
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Are your 3 amigo lights still on. Do you have an actual 3 amigo type scanner?
As for your tranny code, Rover code, which is what I need run from 700 to 801 for any tranny fault codes.Use a regular scanner and recheck the codes.
The 1590 indicates you still have an ABS issue.
Just so you know the 1884 is not specifically a tranny issue, it actually comes up along with the real problem for 8 different issues.
Glad you found the sensor needed to be reseated.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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