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My second post here also has to do with the 2nd most difficult thing I've had to deal with relating to my 2002 Disco (1st is when it rains the front roof corners at driver and passenger sides get wet...I put in silicone outside in the holes at the corners in the end of the rain gutter and that stopped the right side but the left is still doing it).

I have a real basic utility trailer a friend gave me some months ago. It's older, but sturdy and does the trick. Two new tail lights installed each grounded to the frame of the trailer. Standard wiring (LEFT=yellow for signal/brake, brown for tail, RIGHT= green for signal/brake, brown for tail). Standard flat 4-pin connector.

I bought a 4-pin connector/converter kit at Walmart and installed it. Easy enough to access the wires from inside the right vehicle taillight well. But DAMN those wires are short...makes it tough to get my hands down in there to do much else. But accessible enough.

I followed this for wiring. I noticed when I first started that someone already had likely done something of this sort, as the appropriate wires were snipped from the default trailer wire connector inside the well. For some dumb reason, whoever it was (I'm the second owner of this vehicle...I bought it for $4500 private party last year) didn't leave in their trailer wiring harness. $10-$15 you'd think someone would leave that in.

Anyway, I wired according to the instructions above. Got a four-pin connector tester and it tested out okay.

Then comes the weird part.

I hooked up my trailer accordingly. Looked at all the wiring on it and everything is sound and good connectivity. However, all I get is: both taillights come on and only RIGHT side signals and brakes. The left...nothing. Now, it MAY be bad 4-pin connector on the trailer side, so this is the next thing I will replace and see if that's the problem. But the one on there now seems OK. I took a steel brush and cleaned off all the contacts and used a piece of fine sand paper rolled to clean the contacts inside the connector. Can't imagine this part going bad because it is so simple. Everything LOOKS good but....

I did notice that the 10A fuse in the main box under the dash (#13) for RIGHT trailer flasher, I believe, was burnt so I replaced it. Still no joy.

I've always sucked when it comes to electrical but this is pretty straightforward stuff and I really shouldn't be having this kind of trouble.

Is there any thing I should be looking at elsewhere on the vehicle that migh be contributing to this?

In all...I LOVE my Disco! Best vehicle I've ever had. And this is coming from a guy who used to have a 2002 Isuzu Trooper LS...which was my best vehicle...until my ex took off with it (leaving me her little Hyundai Accent, which I drove for 11 years!). I do need to do an oil change on it (easy) and replace spark plugs and wires (hard-I've read up on it and I'm up to the challenge but will need to set aside some serious time for that...I'm NOT spending $400 to have it done at any shop and there is only ONE shop in central Oregon that specializes in LR and RR).

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Hi, did you check with voltmeter directly in the vehicle's plug on the pins for brakes and indicators for RH side? ... it seems like an earth problem in that cluster(provided you get voltage in the plug but no lights
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