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Hello all, I bought a 96 Discovery 1 SE7 about 4 months ago and have been bringing it back up to date. It's been fairly easy. . . up 'til now.

I have this issue with the transfer case that makes me want to beat the crap out of my precious Rover.

When I'm driving on the highway the T-case shifter pops out of High. It doesn't pop out of gear, I don't lose power and there's no noise, funky smells or anything. I can just see it slowly move to the left then it just plops into the middle. Not neutral, but the middle of left and right motion. Like: DIFFLOCK--MIDDLE--UNLOCKED. When it does this I just push it back in. However, it plops out every 10sec it seems. I eventually just leave it in the middle and keep driving.

Again, no noises or smells when it does so.

I have the console taken apart right now and have spent the entire day trying to figure it out.

What all I've done:

1.) Serviced Differentials and T-Case. There were no chips or metal shreds on the plug magnets, just the usual black sludge.
2.) Checked Diff-Lock function. It does indeed lock as the wheels stop moving when hand rotating them when jacked up.
3.) Taken the shifter out and wiped down and re-greased. I've seen some threads where a plastic piece breaks in the joint and forces the shifter to not seat right. Nothing in there seemed broken at all. In fact it looked real good for being so old.
4.) Checked for Driveline issues. Everything is tight and nothing wobbles. Previous Owner installed aftermarket Driveshafts and U-joints that are all balanced.
5.) Tested Function of T-Case positions. I am able to shift into all positions smoothly and drive forward and in reverse.
6.) There is a high pitched whirring noise that gets louder (higher pitched?) the faster I go. Searches seem to point to bearings going out at the input or output shaft. Or both.. Could this potentially affect the the Diff-Lock mechanism as one shaft is right next to it?

When the shifter is in the Diff-Lock position it requires significantly more force to move than when in Unlocked High. When in Unlocked High I can practically breathe on it and it will plop out. Also, I noticed that the linkage arm that goes down to the Diff-Lock mechanism hits the wall of the Transmission. It just feels like it doesn't seat all the way in Unlocked High no matter how much weight and force I put on it.

I'm at a complete loss until tomorrow morning when I've cooled down enough to think of some other possibilities.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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