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Accidentally knocked my 01 Land Rover Discovery out of high into neutral. After messing with it for a bit, got it back into high. Though the shifters in high, the transfer case is acting like it still in neutral. Help. ?
What am I missing? Is this a simple fix? Or am I gonna need to dig even deeper than I already have. I already have the console tore apart, access panel removed. Kinda lost on where to go from here.
How can I get it back in high? I look forward to your thoughts.

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How sticky/ stiff is the shifter?
How often do you use it

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Put it in low and if you can move away this way try use the advanced method(check the owner's handbook for transfer box operation anyway)

Advanced method (Manual gearbox vehicles)

Changing from high to low on the move:
With the vehicle slowing to a stop and travelling
NO FASTER THAN 8 km/h, depress the clutch
and push the transfer lever into neutral. Just
before the road wheels stop turning (and with
the clutch still depressed) push the lever fully
forward into ‘L’ (low).
NOTE: Use positive and confident moves, but
do not rush the gear change.

Changing from low to high on the move:
Changing from ‘L’ (low) to ‘H’ (high) can be
achieved without stopping the vehicle, as
1. Apply slight backward pressure to the
transfer gear lever in preparation for
2. Then, in three simultaneous moves,
depress the clutch, release the accelerator
and pull the transfer lever into neutral.
3. Release the clutch pedal for approximately
3 seconds before depressing it again and
moving the transfer lever firmly into the
high position.
4. Finally, select a suitable main gear, release
the clutch and continue driving in the
normal way.
NOTE: After a little practice, this operation can
be carried out smoothly and quickly by using
firm, positive moves.

On automatic models, reduce (or increase) the
speed of the vehicle to 8 km/h and release the
accelerator. Select ‘N’ and move the transfer
lever quickly to the required ‘H’ or ‘L’ position.
Finally, reselect ‘D’ with the main gear selector
and continue driving as normal.
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