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So for 18 months now my rover has sat in the street begging for attention after some wonton destruction in the mountains of Arkansas. The t case and front diff killed them selves when wheels in the air came down spinning ON ROCKS, BLAM!

So the transfer case can be taken down and put back up without the jack adaptor, just takes some muscle and a good floor jack. Also a big point here the input gear behind the PTO (power take off) cover can be slid straight out, with this gear out of the box the box can be more easily removed and even more important replaced. Input gear can be removed with box in situ.(Certain serial number suffixes of t case can not have input gear remove). Ashcroft trans has a great list of what suffix boxes can have input gear removed.( or just use your favorite search engine) Very simple process but pay attention to which way gear comes out. Some turning of the intermediate gears may be necessary to align the input gear when reinstalling on transmission output shaft in box. ( much easier than mounting box onto the shaft and pushing and wiggling to mate them.) Do not try to mate the t case and Trans via tightening the bolts this will only work to Crack the overdrive housing against the transmission as my buddy found out grrrr. Also with input gear off its a goodvtime to make sure u haveva cross drilled input gear asvthis will improve life expectancey and lubrication. Consider removing, testing, replacing t case shift lock solenoid while the t case is removed pita to remove once box is up and solenoid fails (ask how I know) and also consider the same for the transmission shifter lock solenoid. These are safety pieces that have the potential to leave you very stranded. If you don't need to worry about knocking around shifters consider removal of solenoids.

Before attempting home r/r of t case liberally soak exhaust drop pipe bolts at flange and crossmember bolts with your lube of choice pb blaster etc. Be prepared to replace exhaust manifold studs as well. This is a good time to scrap you sway bar up front if you would like as well. Check all input and output seals on trans, t case and drive flanges to confirm their validity as well while things are down. Remember at certain angles while removing t case if trans leans back to far it may leak trans fluid from around seal when not mated to t case.

I hated and loved this task at the same time. If you have questions about t case removal and replacement and or diff replacement feel free to contact me. Sorry for the long post but had never seen some if this info especially about input gear.

Big thanks to PT SCHRAM with no good rover enthusiasts in my area it's always good to be able to get him on the phone when my mind draws a blank or I need a random part on the quick. Thanks a lot P.T. looking forward to speaking again.
Also big thanks to PAUL GRANT for supplying me with the transfer case to transmission adaptor at a great price and shipped fast.(life saver for my disco) thanks paul.

So now my baby is running again with just small things to address but just in time for kids school and now it's time to find some mud and stay off the rocks a while, while I practice my driving technique further.:rellye
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