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transfercase output shaft

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so ive been chasing this vibration.. i got a driveshaft with new unversals AND cardan, took out the one i rebuilt, and had every intention of replacing the bearing on the forward output shaft.. i went to take off the nut and it was just snug.. WTF? i havent touched this since i bought it and am curious as to how it happened. instead of continuing with the replacement of the bearing i tightened the nut and put the reman driveshaft in. what do ya know? still vibrates.. just nowhere near as violent. i didnt have torque spec nor a torque wrench handy so i went with german tight.. just to see. any thoughts?
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Removed the rear prop shaft today.. to check on the play in the rear output flange. Yep.. you guessed it.. whatever hack had this thing apart before I bought it should be beaten about the face. I re torqued both front and rear hubs on the t-case to 109 lb/ft. Vibration is almost gone. Balancing and rotating the tires next seems logical.

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Do you think the bearings where replaced before and just not torqued properly? I have been chasing a vibration to, it starts at 45mph and up. I've replaced the front shaft and checked balance twice. Mine only vibrates with front shaft in. Let us know what you find.
im pretty sure the front one was replaced. the rear im going to replace because i have one. im balancing and rotating the tires this weekend. how severe or not severe is your vibration? i have 2 distinct vibes at 2 different times. one down low 25mph-35mph roughly..under light throttle it seems to shudder. under heavier throttle(1/4 - 1/2), you could almost miss it. the second is 55 and up. feels like the truck is sitting on a bunch of vibrating cell phones.
Just keeping track.. balanced all 4 tires... LF didn't have any weights on it. The other 3 where completely out of balance. That LF tire has some uneven wear on the outside shoulder. Tires are slightly dry rotted and as stayed on a previous post of mine.. they are street truck tires... needles to say they suck. I'm the end the high speed vibration is history. The low speed is still there. Same scenario as before, accelerating 0-60 in 6 days the vibration is very noticeable in the front end.. somewhat in the steering wheel. Under heavier throttle you feel a quick shudder then nothing. All I can think is a bad wheel bearing.. I did not notice any slop in them when i rotated the tires.

I don't know.. I have coolant leaks to attend to. Then I'll worry about the damn vibration. Any input would be awesome....

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