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Transmission Drain Plug

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In doing all of the routine maintenance on the new-to-me '04 DII I seem to have stripped the transmission drain plug (the allen portion, not the threads into the pan). Any advice on how to remove this without causing permanent damage to the DII (i.e. preferably not drilling it out)?

Already ordering a new one from AB.

Guess this means it's been a long time (if not ever) since service...
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You might be able to hammer in the next size bigger metric or standard needs to be tight & an Allen socket so you can tap it in with a hammer or weld it to that Allen socket then pull it out
Since your dropping the pan anyway, start with a drill that just goes in the stripped out allen key hole. Then use a screw extractor and it should come right out without damaging the threads in the pan.
Or, drop the pan to replace the filter and do the necessary repair to the drain plug while on a work bench.
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