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You guys did such a great job on the service engine light problem maybe you can give me some guidance on changing the xmsn filter. Have been having this done at a dealership. I now live quite a distance from any up here in the panhandle. Coming up on time to change the xmsn fluid and filter. When I looked up under the Disco it appears that to drop the xmsn pan I have to remove a heavy duty steel guard assembly. A mechanic advised me that to remove the guard assembly I might have to drop the exhaust manifold. I was concerned about possibly shearing off the bolts on the exhaust manifold and having a mess on my hands. Any suggestions? Is the above correct? Also, if it is necessary to go through all of this to change the xmsn filter, I question whether the dealership that was doing the maintenance was changing the filter at all. I caught them shortcutting some other things and am skeptical of their thoroughness. Thanks for any suggestions.

Patrick :dunno:
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