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Transmission or differential?

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Hi folks,

My '88 RR broke down today. Engine starts up fine, but no engagement of the transmission in any gear. Super wierd noise, like an old screechy door being opened/closed when I put the vehicle in park.

After towing back up to my house, the vehicle won't stay put in park. With the parking brake on, she rolled a little forward (we're on a hill) and made a pretty deep scratchy noise as she rolled. Got it all chocked up now and hitting the curb.

So is my transmission done or one of the differentials? From what I read on, sounds like my tranny.

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Not your transmission.

If the car moves with the parking brake ON, your problem is most likely to be in the rear differential, a broken rear axle, or a striped rear axle drive flange.

Engage your Center Differential Lock. Your front driveline is now mechanically tied to your emergency brake, which will hold the car. You will also now be able to drive the car, but I wouldn't advise doing this other than to move it about. Whatever broke, whether rear differential, rear axle, or drive flange is very likely surrounded by shrapnel or debris and that can totally wipe out an otherwise rebuildablee component.
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