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Transmitter Programming

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Does anybody know how to Program a Keyless Entry Transmitter for a 2000 Disco II? Also, are all transmitters for 99-02 Disco II's compatible? I am not sure how to match up the FCC ID's. If I can do this programming myself, it will save me big bucks. The local dealership wants $100.
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An interesting topic. In Australia a remote costs A$310 from the local dealer. Then A$40 to program. I managed to get one through a contact for A$120.
He was rebuilding a Rangie and utilising Disco 2 accessaries and TD5 motor.
So he had obtained the computer programs for the entire electronic/alarm system etc.
He was able to do the programming in less than a minute at no cost to myself. Maybe there is a Good Samaritan around your way.
If you quote your VIN no. to your dealer he should be able to give you your frequency. My mate certainly had access to this information. I'll see what I can find out and pass it on.
Sorry gydom, but Serge appears to be correct. You will need a dealer.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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