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hello everyone,

i'm new to the board, so i first want to say hi and that i'm glad i found this helpful community. i am currently looking for a land rover discovery, most likely between the years of 1996 and 1998...and this brings me to my first question: i want to spend around $8,000 for this vehicle...and i wanted to know how some of you guys might go about shopping for the best possible used discovery...for the money. i realize it's not much, but i'm just excited about getting my first land rover. so, in your replies, could you please list some helpful websites where used land rovers are sold? also, any private sellers, please let me know what you got :) in addition, i was wondering what the biggest differences are between the body styles, interior, etc from model year to model year between the above dates. thank you so much,


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Lots to choose from

Try the Rovers North BBS, Vehicles For Sale section. Also loads on Ebay.
My son paid $1200 for a 215k miles '96 with a bad transmission, but a new motor. Cost just short of a grand to rebuild the transmission.
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