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We have had of Disco now for a about 5 months and done about 5K in it. Does any one know who does the best tuning (without spending a foutune!!!) for the TD5 engine.I want to increase the mid range for overtaking etc.

Is the superchip chip any good?


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Superchip, Unichip, Perfect Power etc, will all do the job you require. It depends on how much of an upgrade/horse power you are after and how determined you are to get it. To get your increase in horse power, your fuelling needs to be reconfigured among other things, and you could experience a trade off; more horse power v/s poorer fuel economy. Installing a chip is not cheap. It is of paramount importance, to find someone who really knows, not only how to install it (which ever brand you purchase), but tune it properly. If you contact the importer/distributor of the unit you chose, ask them who they recommend to do the install.
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