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UK-Cape Town trip - I have to import the car into SA

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Hi LR fundis

Progress is being made with the trip plans and I'm about to take possession of a new LR in the UK. The guy who's selling to me advised me to investigate import duties charged by SA authorities on entry. Thank goodness he did. I've discovered that I could end up paying import duty when I finally get to SA and register the car there, which is going to cost. I accept that import duty can't be avoided, but have any of your SA guys got any ideas for softening this blow?

Thanks in advance
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If you own the car for more than a year in the UK you can bringthe car to South Africa for your own use. My brother has done that with his jaguar. You have to pay VAT on the value of the car in the UK. Normally the car values in the UK are lower than in SA. What are you planning to buy in the UK?
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