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Reading over the owner guides there are a couple things that stand out that you can check:

1) Select Calibration from the Navigation Setup menu.

If the vehicle has been moved, for example, by ferry, rail or trailer, the vehicle position/direction may need to be calibrated.

Select Position/Direction. A map showing the current vehicle position is displayed.

Touch the appropriate arrow icons to scroll the map until the vehicle position is in the correct location, then select OK to confirm. Note: During map scrolling, the vehicle position icon will remain centrally located on the screen, while the map scrolls to the new position.

The map showing the heading adjustment arrows is displayed. Adjust the heading by touching the arrows until the navigation symbol shows the correct alignment. Select OK to confirm the new heading

To reduce the time taken to calculate a route, map databases are divided into states called search areas. It may be necessary to change the search area that the navigation system is referencing (e.g. if you are traveling to another state).
Select Destination Entry then Search Area. The currently selected search area is shown highlighted on the map. Select the search area relevant to your journey, from the list of available areas.

3) If that doesn't work you might try restoring system defaults, then doing the position calibration. Both are under Menu, Nav Setup
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