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2 Posts can all tell me that I should have taken photos! Removed both front seats and centre console so I could get the sopping carpets out. Replaced the drivers' seat but have a black connector that, for the life of me, cannot see where it should go. It is in the same loom as the yellow connector (pre-tensioner?)

The passenger seat does not have this black plug. Vehicle is an 04 ES so heated and electric seats.

The passenger seat is still out and I notice that the SRS light is on permanently. Would this be because the passenger seat is not installed or because I haven't found a home for the black plug?

I have scoured the wiring diagram but to little avail.

Second, I got the centre console out and while idly sitting at the traffic lights and gazing down I saw this connector which for the life of me I cannot remember removing. :eek::eek::eek:

Or perhaps it is intended for something that my vehicle doesn't have?

(Actually even though I have made these minor faux pas, it is the first bit of 'real' work I have done on the old girl and so ever so slightly chuffed with myself.)


The Black underseat connector is for the driver's seat belt buckle switch (which isn't fitted to all markets).

The SRS light is on because your passenger's seat pre-tensioner is un-plugged.

The small black connector on the centre console is for the shift-interlock solenoid (which you may not have fitted).

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