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Discussion Starter · #1 · can all tell me that I should have taken photos! Removed both front seats and centre console so I could get the sopping carpets out. Replaced the drivers' seat but have a black connector that, for the life of me, cannot see where it should go. It is in the same loom as the yellow connector (pre-tensioner?)

The passenger seat does not have this black plug. Vehicle is an 04 ES so heated and electric seats.

The passenger seat is still out and I notice that the SRS light is on permanently. Would this be because the passenger seat is not installed or because I haven't found a home for the black plug?

I have scoured the wiring diagram but to little avail.

Second, I got the centre console out and while idly sitting at the traffic lights and gazing down I saw this connector which for the life of me I cannot remember removing. :eek::eek::eek:

Or perhaps it is intended for something that my vehicle doesn't have?

(Actually even though I have made these minor faux pas, it is the first bit of 'real' work I have done on the old girl and so ever so slightly chuffed with myself.)

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