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Hello all, looking for some help here with an issue I can not seem to correct. My keypad unlocks all doors except the LH rear door. If I try to manually pull the sill lock it automatically re-tracks and locks itself (creepy). The only way to unlock that door is to use the interior door handle which the pops up the sill lock on the first pull and opens the door on the second pull.

If I then use the keypad to lock the doors, all the doors will lock including the LH rear door. When I try to unlock, the LH rear door will not, unless I use the interior door handle method.

The interior lock button on the front console works for all doors except the LH rear door.

I am thinking about replacing the actuator for the LH rear door but since the keypad will lock the unlocked door, that suggests to me that the actuator might not be the issue. Countless hours of research and not much out there on the correction so I am looking to the Land Rover community for help, any ideas?


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Not sure about your "countless hours of research" claim considering this topic has been beaten to death, but yes, a new door lock actuator will fix your problem. Sometimes they fail completely, sometimes they only lock automatically, sometimes they only unlock automatically, but its definitely the actuator. Furthermore no Discovery can be unlocked simply by pulling up the lock on the door panel - they will always retract. This is some kind of security feature. Manual unlocking of doors always requires a pull of the handle, followed by another pull to open it.

New units are pricey at upwards of $140 shipped but a bit of time on ebay can find you a reliable unit for less than $50. Also get in touch with Paul Grant ([email protected]) as he runs a Rover breaking business and has MANY used parts at great prices - I use his services frequently.

The actual replacement itself can be tricky, so unless you're mechanically inclined and have a good set of tools, have someone else do the work for you. The door lock actuator is sandwiched between the door frame and the window rail so it's annoying trying to fit and remove as you have no space in there. I ended up removing the whole window and window frame as its only a handful of bolts and in the end much easier.
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