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Haha, I just posted a pic (seen below) in another thread about headliners and the pic i used reminded me of what happened that we're at a Family get-together (getty), the adults are in the living room talkin about who knows what, really loud (you know us hispanics! while a couple older cousins and buds of mine watch the 2767264274 youngins while they play in the backyard. We wait for the food to be served, eat, and while at the table (at our end) we huddle a bit to plan an i say, you guys wanna go off-roadin??...the answer of course was "HEK YEAH!!" we say we're gonna go get some more drinks since they really were runnin out, and we get the hek outta there. Haha, we head to the nearest trail which was a 30 minute drive, and by then the sun was setting, and the South Florida mudd was almost recieving us with open arms...i PLOW through several DEEP "puddles". We run the trail for about 2 hours and head back (with mud ALLLLLL over the car). We stop at a winndixie, buy several 2Liters and head back to the getty when the sun was long gone, with mudd all over the car, and on some of us, with drinks...What a day!...hahaha

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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