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I am starting a new thread on this to help others since I have ruled out certain things and seemingly discovered the cause of my problem. After posting on several different forums with very little help I have been looking for ways to distinguish between my problem being a bad ECU or a bad Instrument Panel since it could have been either in my case. Here is my original post with a detailed description of the problem:

These are the things I have since ruled out completely.

1) Brake light ground wires having bad contact in the rear brake light
2) Parking brake switch
3) Brake pedal safety switch not releasing the shifter solenoid "supposed to not allow vehicle to start when your foot is off the brake".
4) Leaky sunroof drains causing corrosion to inner fuse panel "drains work properly and no signs of water entering the vehicle"

New update on what I found today:

Lr3 instrument cluster issues - Land Rover Forums - Land Rover Enthusiast Forum

I have had this intermittent issue which I thought I narrowed down when I discovered I had a corroded Integrated Transfer Case Module as others reported similar problems from water getting in behind the battery box. I removed it and cleaned it with electrical contact cleaner and it started and ran great for a week so I thought I had fixed the problem.

This morning it started doing the same thing where it would not start, flashes several faults, locks shifter in Park. The only issue I had not looked into is the Instrument panel and sure enough as funny as it is with the key turned to the start position I lightly tapped the dashboard above and heard a click in the instrument panel and the truck started right up. I have been scouring the internet for ways to pin point the actual cause of the malfunctions but at this point it seems pretty clear in my case that not only did I have a corroded Transfer Case Module, but my Instrument panel is also bad.

As of now I plan to replace the Instrument panel so I will report back with any new information I have. My case in point remains though it is obvious this is due to a manufacturer error and I was literally stuck blocking traffic unable to get the truck into neutral to even get it off the road. This could have been a serious safety issue on a busy highway so hopefully they will recall this bad equipment before someone gets hurt.
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