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Bought the scanner for ABS and reset, ABS says Right Rear Sensor is bad, speedo worked fine 3 times then went out, moves when I decelerate but wont read my speed. Any idea? Did the reset cause the sensor to stop reading speed? I don't know, not a genius at this.
I looked under forum for speedo problems but found nothing like mine, unless I missed it. Which is possible as my nerves are frayed as I use it on highway and now cannot judge speed. Thanks for any help.

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from the good book (RAVE)

The speedometer informs the driver of the current vehicle road speed. It has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to show
odometer, trip meter and, on automatic gearbox models, the selected gear. The speedometer will not show speeds
of less than 1.5 mph (2.5 km/h).
There are three different market configurations:
l NAS and UK = mph as major figures km/h as minor figures.
l Canada = km/h as major figures mph as minor figures.
l ROW and Australia = km/h only.
The Self Levelling and Anti-Lock Brake System (SLABS) ECU provides the signal input for the road speed. The signal
is at 8000 pulses per mile (1.6 kilometres).

If the ECU is not getting the right and/or comparable signals from the wheel sensors then the speedo is affected. Using the ABS amigo wont affect the ecu - one of your sensors is giving bad readings (probably the rear right). Try taking it out and cleaning the magnet on the head often they pick up small metal shavings and it confuses the signal!
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